Voxi's products are:
- The Intelligent Speech Interfaces™ run-time platform for natural speech applications
- The Voximizer™ development environment for rapidly developing intuitive speech interfaces
The Intelligent Speech Interfaces™ platform
The Intelligent Speech Interfaces™ platform provides the underlying functionality of natural language understanding, speech recognition, and reasoning. It supports user-controlled dialogs and control of multiple applications simultaneously. The software platform can be customized to run on various target technologies ranging from stationary computers to integrated circuits. Read more here.

A conversation in a car equipped with Voxi's Intelligent Speech Interfaces™ platform
Below is an example of how an application could work.

User: Play some dramatic music
System: Ok, playing "Also Sprach Zarathustra"
User: Check for new messages
System: You have four new messages, would you like to read them?
User: Yes!
System: E-mail from Steve, Friday, October...
User: (interrupts) Turn on the air conditioning
System: Air conditioning turned on
User: Continue browsing
System: E-mail from Steve, Friday October 22, 11:15. Yesterday's meeting
User: (interrupts) Call Steve
System: Would that be Steve Smith?
User: Yes!
System: Calling Steve Smith
(User talks to Steve Smith over the phone)
User: What's the latest economical news?
System: Stock markets rises as the Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged

The Intelligent Speech Interfaces™ platform is a general purpose platform and is useful in many environments, ranging from automotive systems and mobile systems in general to telephony services and consumer electronics. Read more here.
Voximizer™ development environment
Voximizer™ is used for creating the definitions of natural language interfaces. It is an easy-to-use graphical platform-independent tool written in Java. The development environment enables customers to quickly create and test applications. It features both a wizard for fast prototyping, and support for detailed design-control. The development environment lets developers focus on the application functionality and not bother about the underlying speech-technology. Read more here.