The versatile platform
The Intelligent Speech Interfaces™ platform is a general purpose platform and is useful in many environments, ranging from automotive systems and mobile systems in general to telephony services and consumer electronics.

Below we present four business cases, which show how the Intelligent Speech Interfaces™ platform excels within different market areas. To read the documents, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Automotive Systems
Download our Automotive Business Case to read about how the ISI-platform addresses many key problems auto makers face when speech-enabling a vehicle, such as: Natural and unencumbered dialogs, quick redesign for new languages, control of multiple devices, and flexible integration into embedded systems.

Voice control for Personal Digital Assistants
Download our PDA Business Case to read about how natural voice interaction can boost the user friendliness and productivity of the PDA-platform.

Smart Homes
Download our Intelligent Homes Business Case to read about how the ISI-platform can be used to seamlessly voice control the ever-increasing range of electronic equipment found in modern homes, using a patent-pending method.

Multi-language applications
Download our Multi-language Business Case to read about how the development costs for multi-lingual systems can be radically lowered by using the ISI-platform.

Integrated Circuits
Download our Integrated Circuits Business Case to read about VoxIC™, the upcoming integrated circuit implementation of Voxi's speech recognizer, and see how it combines the advantages of customized integrated circuits and multi-purpose processors. For technical details, download the Preliminary Product Specification for VoxIC™.