Flash: Voxi.com Domain For Sale

March 30, 2017: The Voxi.com domain name is for sale. Four letter .com domains are very rare. If you are interested, please see the auction at flippa.com or contact us directly at info@voxi.com.

Making natural interaction a standard
Voxi provides the first true natural speech interaction between man and computer. Voxi's general-purpose platform for natural speech interaction enables a wide array of applications, ranging from sports to industrial, medicine to inventory control, and entertainment to banking. The object-oriented approach for application design makes natural interaction a standard. Check out the business cases to read more.
   Complete transactions in one utterance
- "Book a meeting with Bob on Friday. Notify me 10 minutes earlier."

Many ways to access same functionality
- "Lower the temperature somewhat."
- "Set temperature to 20 degrees."
- "Turn on the air-conditioning."

Jump seamlessly between applications
- "Play some soft music."
- "Get directions to 2110 North Avenue, Woking."

Forming multi-modal user interfaces
- "Display flights to London on Tuesday morning."
- "Book number 3."
Unrivalled productivity
Voxi's core technologies consist of the speech interaction software platform available under Windows 2000, Linux, and soon PocketPC. The platform will also be available as a chip integration. The Voximizer™graphical development environment provides unrivalled productivity for application developers. Get the Overview pdf-file to read more.

Latest news:
Photo Site Phogle Licenses Voxi Patent
The photo site Phogle (www.phogle.com) has licensed Voxi's natural language patent to create a multilingual, searchable photo gallery.
June 9, 2005.
Voxi receives Notice of Approval from US Patent Office
Voxi has received a Notice of Approval for a patent regarding distributed speech recognition. This patent covers technology and concepts that enable the control of the intelligent home of the future.
September 26, 2002.
Version 1.3 of Intelligent Speech Interfaces and Voximizer™ SDK released
With version 1.3 of Voxi's Intelligent Speech Interfaces platform, developers can now enjoy easy development of multi-language applications and also have support for forming prepositional phrases. Current language support is American-English and Swedish with German, Spanish and Finnish coming up.
September 3, 2002.
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