Business Concept
Voxi is a provider of advanced speech technology suited for use in a range of application areas. Voxi offers its run-time platform and development tool through direct sales, or through value added resellers, such as solution providers and consulting companies. Voxi also offers its expertise in speech technology in general, and on Voxi's products in particular, to our customers on consulting basis for the design and implementation of speech based applications.

Voxi will become a leader in interactive speech interfaces and applies its expertise within a wide spectrum of new products, such as information systems and personal digital assistants. Voxi sets the standard for natural language speech interfaces, and make this technology available on a variety of target technologies. This will pave the way for ubiquitous natural speech interfaces, thereby improving the usability of electronic devices and information systems for users all over the world.

Monomedia products (using only sound as a user interface) only need a small microphone and earpiece for interaction, and can therefore be made very small. We believe the future is in ubiquitous speech interfaces, for instance PDAs hidden in a necklace, a tie, or under a collar.

We actively seek partners who wish to apply our technology within different domains. If you have an idea of a great innovative use of our technology and see a co-operation opportunity, contact us at

Partners & Network
Some of our partners and networks which we work closely together with are:

Telia research    Flextronics semiconductor
Telematics Valley    CTT